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Trident Ballistic Tactical Flotation Vest

• Ergonomic design for shipboard operations
• Full overlapping side protection
• Four point closure for secure fit
• Integrated 10”x12” front and rear plate pockets
• Two piece ballistic collar
• MOLLE system
• Heavy duty drag strap
• Pull down reflective patches
• Removable flotation collar
Flotation features
• 73.3 foot pounds of flotation with collar
• 37 foot pounds of flotation without collar

• Outer Carrier material: Water repellent, wear resistant polyamide/polyester with anti-flammable finish
• Buoyancy material: Cellular foam polyurethane
• Closures: Speed Buckles
• Lining: PU coated polyamide
• Polyethylene sealed in watertight pouches

• Water activated LED locator light
• Attached whistle in concealed pocket
• Carry bag

  • Manufactured by: Survival Armor

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