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The Slugmaster Total Control (TC)

The Slugmaster-TC is the effective option for use with armor-piercing ammunition. It has stood up to all handgun calibers, 12 gauge slugs, and the following rifle calibers:

- 5.56 Caliber armor-piercing
- 7.62 Caliber armor-piercing
- .308 Caliber armor-piercing
- .223 Caliber armor-piercing
- 7 mm Win. Magnum
- .338 Magnum


In order to satisfy customer demand for an unloading station which will contain armour piercing rounds, we have developed the new Slugmaster TC (Total Control). The Slugmaster TC is constructed with the same high resistance material as its predecessors, with the added insurance of a replaceable composite insert. This insert will contain armour piercing ammunition within the secure outer structure.

The exterior of each unit is protected by a high gloss powder coat paint to make it both durable and attractive. The black upper section of the Slugmaster TC is meant to replicate the black bullet tip of amour piercing ammunition.

  • Model: SM-SMTC
  • Manufactured by: Slugmaster

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