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Sabre Refiilable Inert System

The SABRE Refill System is designed to allow SABRE users the ability to train with SABRE Inert products economically by avoiding the repeated purchase of inert canisters and reducing waste associated with empty inert canisters.

The SABRE Inert Refillable canisters can be reused up to 600 times.
The SABRE Refill System fills the Refill canisters with water and compressed air in seconds reducing the cost of training by reusing empty cans without creating waste. It is a green solution for our environment.

Installation of the SABRE Refill System
The SABRE Refill System requires an air pressure system of at least 120 PSI and a large container of water. This air pressure system can be a small air compressor with a regulator.

Connect the air pressure tube with 6mm outer and 4 mm inner diameter to the air pressure system. Connect the opposite end of the air pressure tub to the air pressure connection on the back of the SABRE Refill System on the left.

Connect the water fill tube with 8 mm outer and 6 mm inner diameter fitted with product filter cage equipped with stainless steel filter to the water container. Connect the opposite end of the water fill tube to the water fill connection on the back of the SABRE Refill System on the right.

Fill and Train
Put the SABRE Inert Refillable canister on black refill platform on the front of the unit and start the filling process by pushing the canister down. There will be an audible sound of liquid then air being pushed into the canister. The process takes a few seconds. You will be able to hear when the canister is full as the machine stops pressurizing the canister. Once full, remove it from the refill platform and use for training.

Refill Product
Security Equipment Corporation requires deionized water as the liquid for filling the training units. Use of tap water will require annual maintenance

Filling time: Depends from system pressure and filling volume ca. 1 to 10 seconds. Example: 6 bar, 50 ml needs 1 second to be filled.

The SABRE Refill System and Refill Canisters have a 5 year warranty.

Canisters Sold Separate;y

  • Model: SAB-SRS-01
  • Manufactured by: Sabre

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